Why didn't somebody tell me?

I told her I was busy.


Siping spoke to me last night.

Charleen and I have both been very busy.

She's a bit naive.

The fruit went bad.

You should be ashamed of your behavior.

Tell me what happened to him.

Be quick, or you will miss the train.

Sandip's fuming again today - the slightest word and he blows his top.

At least I'm still alive.


No one will harm you.

The pilots were among the 79 survivors consisting of passengers and crew.

Angela says he doesn't know how Donal stays so thin.

She borrowed a saw from the farmer.

Where can the black cat be?

You're retarded, or something?!

Maybe you didn't understand me.


I know Vern wants us to go swimming with him.

Are you ready for spring?

The Chinese government released on 25th "Diaoyu Islands are China's inherent territory "White Paper.

'Radioactivity' is a chemical term.

You are the one.

You didn't happen to catch his name, did you?

There was a poor farmer who had three sons, and on the same day the three boys went to seek their fortune.

Nobody could've known that this was going to happen.

It is indeed rocket science.

Quick, give me that.

Tanaka plays the piano well.

You just have to give yourself more time.

It's hard to shake the smoking habit.

He is slow to decide, but he is quick to act.

Kelly stayed at home all day yesterday.

We know very little about the cause of this disease.

Please give me a drink.


She works at the bank.

Leif is rough around the edges.

Did you read that?

No, this is my second time.

Sugih and Julian are putting on their coats and gloves.

I told Shyam I'd take care of him.

You know Polly is telling the truth.

Emily has brown hair.

I wasn't quite sure how to respond.

They want to choose their mates by their own will.

He will have dinner.

Let's keep in touch.

You're very funny.


Are you a secretive person?

I met him while he was studying.

When was the last time you went shopping?

I've always wanted to visit Boston.

Who sent me a wire?

This isn't supposed to be happening.

Let's go through it again.


She smokes excessively.


I met you; that is enough.

We respect each other.

I missed the bus.

If you promise something, keep your word.

Who's confused?

Brazil is comprised of twenty-six states.

Duke has a pierced tongue.

Please bring your own eating utensils.

She is no less clever than her sister.

That love affair is a family secret.

My family goes to Italy every year.


Maybe we should go to Boston.


You're our guests.

Let me explain the rules.

Don't you trust them?


My eyes don't work very well anymore.


You may be asked to give a speech.


With this as background I turn now to an account of the present state of evolutionary biology.

I am a cook.

I was roaming over the mountains all through the night.

I was disappointed at the result.

I know you're nervous.

I was right in front of Mason.

So, what should I tell them?

I think he hates me.

I will define happiness as this.


Have you ever inflated a balloon as big as this one?

Who do you think is going to get married next?

I ate sevpuri.


Elwood is quite an interesting woman.

I should've gone to yesterday's meeting.

Everyone needs to leave right now.

Meeks applied for asylum.

The work got finished somehow.

We've been hit.

Why doesn't anybody help me?


Have emails replaced letters in today's world?

Please come to see me from time to time.

Roland knew that Darin was hungry.

I can never tell the two of them apart.

The fairest thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of true art and science. He who knows it not and can no longer wonder, no longer feel amazement, is as good as dead, a snuffed-out candle.

Everybody thinks Elaine is a little crazy.

Step into my office.


It seems that Natraj knows nothing about this matter.

It did the trick.

I think we're all a bit crazy.

That was one of my better ideas.

Central Bank is a bank that deals mainly with other banks and the government and assumes broad responsibilities in the interests of the national economy apart from the earning of profits.

I agree that's a possibility.

I wasn't hired.

Glynn realized he'd forgotten to pay, so he walked back into the restaurant.

Angela will answer all of your questions.

It wasn't Juliane that Richard was angry with.

Randell volunteers at a homeless shelter twice a week.


There's no way to know.


We have friends coming over this evening.


It goes back, Personnel Officer Paula Grayson told us, to the way many employers used to pay their employees a hundred years ago.

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It made me supremely happy.

I like dogs very much.

There's still a lot to demonstrate.

Edwin should've gone weeks ago.

The fine weather added to our pleasure.

Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face.

I'll put you up for the night.

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I could hardly contain myself for joy.

I've put a little bit of milk in my coffee.

Why now?

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I was scared half to death.


I think we could be great friends.

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I'll talk to Kanthan later.

He as well as you is tired of this work.

We've known each other a long time.


Lyndon often talks on the phone.


We need to bind gravel with cement.

I think you'll be impressed.

We'll make camp near the lake.

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A man was shot in a case of mistaken identity.


You sure had me fooled.

Look at those people... they don't deserve that!

Even I don't understand what I say anymore.

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You'll have to establish residence here before you can vote.

Go do your homework.

Go be with Andre.

This is the first time I've heard this language.

Sorry, good looking is not enough for me. Call me again when you will have grown beautiful.

Stu insisted on going.

Nobody got injured.

Marek is the black sheep of the family.

No one wants to have an accident. The trouble is that people do not want hard enough to not have an accident.


You become wiser if you travel.

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Everyone was busy.

It will be a wonderful day!

I'm the one who brought Horst here.


Nate is always bothering me.

We took part in the assembly.

Jean-Christophe pulled back the curtain.

Due to the fog, traffic is temporarily suspended.

We were on the same bus.


Are you having any difficulty doing that?

It's still mine.

I think it is a warning.

I hope Hui trusts me.

It'll probably rain.

He's always broke at the end of the month.

Caleb drank the potion.

He's right behind me.

Are there any questions?

I'm going to work by bicycle.

We prepared our meals.

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She hired a private investigator.